• Is it difficult to change the engine oil yourself?

    Not every one of us can repair our car by ourselves, but any driver who does not have any in-depth knowledge can do some routine maintenance work. Changing the engine oil is the simplest routine maintenance in a car that you can do yourself. By changing the oil without assistance, you will save money that you would give at a service station for changing the oil in a car.


    A device for measuring the properties of engine oil

    Surely many drivers from your environment change their own motor oil, advising you to do the same. But often we do not dare to do this, mistakenly believing that it is very difficult and this requires some special knowledge. However, sooner or later, after all, many car owners decide to change the engine oil without any help.

    Gather basic information about your car.

    Before you start changing the oil, you must first get some basic information about your car. You should find out how much is needed in liters of engine oil, which is required for replacement in the engine. You should also find out which brand of oil is recommended by the car manufacturer. You also need to know the type and type of filter elements, which, along with the replacement of oil must be changed.

    All this you can learn from the manual on the car. If you do not have a car manual, then you need to find it on the Internet and download it on your phone or computer.


    Five types of liquids that need to be checked in the car


    Please note that manufacturers often glue a special sticker under the hood, indicating the type of oil used in the engine (sometimes the sticker is on the side pillar, where the driver's door). In general, of course, in the manual for the machine you should find all the necessary information. But if you have found it difficult to obtain information, we suggest you use the online service Mobil Oil on the Internet, with the help of which you can find out which engine oil and type of oil filter is suitable for your car. Although this engine oil selection service is English-language, if you use the Chrome internet browser that has an online translator built in, you can use the service without knowing the language to find out what engine oil you need to buy for your car.


    If you know the type of motor oil and type, then you can buy it yourself in any auto store or a large supermarket (for example, shops Metro, Lenta, Auchan and others) in which there are goods for motorists.

    Remember that before you buy a synthetic motor oil, you should know exactly how many liters of oil the engine of your car holds. As a rule, this information you can learn from the manual.


    Unlike motor oil, it is much more difficult to know which oil filter to buy? The thing is that there is no standardized scheme and list, according to which you can choose for yourself an oily filter. In order to buy the necessary oil filter contact the auto parts store, in which, as a rule, there are special catalogs for which the seller will select the filter you need.

    Also in the shops there is a special computer program with the help of which the seller can choose not the original oil filter for you, in case you do not want to purchase the original filter because of its high price.


    Vehicle maintenance


    If you do not want to spend your time looking for auto shops for the necessary "consumables", then you can find on the net a lot of online auto shops that sell auto parts to cars. In order not to waste time studying their website, call the store, by phone asking the store employees to select the necessary filter for you.


    After receiving the oil filter, make sure that you received exactly the product you ordered. To do this, check the name of the filter with its catalog number, which is usually listed in the manual for the car.


  • How to dry a car after washing it?

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    Wrong .- Some car owners of cars, after washing it, prefer to leave the car just on the street, so that it can dry out on its own in the open air. It is impossible to do this in any way and is absolutely not recommended, since after drying on the car's body, water stains and traces of drops will remain from water.

    That's right .- Immediately, after finishing the bathing, you need to dry the car body dry using pieces of microfibre cloth made of natural suede. For complete drying of the machine, you can also prepare special towels that are designed for wiping the body. Use at the same time not one rag, as one such rag will get wet too quickly and will leave stains on the car body. This drying process can be accelerated if you use a mop with a rubber nozzle, with which you can remove most of the water from the body of your car in a short time.

    “ If you don’t want to wash your car by yourself and are used to washing your car at a specialized car wash, this will not mean that our advice will never be useful to you. the car, which means that they will often use dirty sponges and cloths for washing the car, which are clogged with small particles of sand and dirt, which will certainly harm the car body. "


    Therefore, we advise every motorist to come to the car wash only with his sponges and rags, which you will give to the employees of the car wash. Also, please do not leave your car unattended, monitor the entire process of cleaning and washing the car in person. In this way, it is possible to ensure correct actions on the part of car wash workers and to prevent unnecessary damage to the paintwork on the car body.

    If necessary, use all of our advice to monitor car wash workers. If you notice that the car washer is doing something wrong and wrong, then do not be afraid to tell him directly about it, this will provide you with the right approach to this procedure.